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6 декабря 2016 года
Свт. Амфилохия, еп. Иконийского. Свт. Григория, еп. Акрагантийского. Блгв. вел. кн. Александра Невского. Свт. Митрофана, еп. Воронежского. Сщмчч. Бориса, еп. Ивановского, Серафима, Елеазара пресвв., мч. Александра и св. Иоанна исп.
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Chronicle of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
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Летопись Свято-Успенской Киево-Печерской ЛаврыIn 6559 (1051) St. Anthony became famous and honored. The brethren began to come to him. He began to accept and tonsure them. And the brethren gathered to him twelve in number, and they dug the great cave, the church and cells which existed up to now in the cave under the old monastery.

The Map of the Near Caves
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Карта Ближних пещер ЛаврыMemoirs and exploits of most saints whose relicts are saved in the Near Caves were accomplished in XI-XII centuries and were described in the early editions of ‘The Kiev-Pechersky Paterikon’ of XIV-XV centuries made of literary works of Lavra bibliophiles in XI-XIII centuries.

The Lavra Caves
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Пещеры Киево-Печерской Лавры The Lavra Caves, which gave the name to the ancient monastery, cherish invaluable spiritual treasures up to now. 

"Heavenlike" dwelling place
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The architects saw the image of the beautiful church, which was called ‘heavenlike’ for a long time."Небеси подобная" обитель

The churches of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
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Храмы Свято-Успенской Киево-Печерской ЛаврыEach church of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra has its history and its unique image, emerged under influence of different epochs and their typical styles. But neither time nor variability of architectural styles did not ruin the ancient  prayerful spirit of the Lavra churches. Our Orthodox ancestors revived them with love and devotion. Their domes are destined for sobornal prayers, for sermon of the Word of God, administration of Holy Sacraments. 

The Kiev-Pechersky Paterikon
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печерський патерикThe living beings of the most ancient Lavra saints are praised in ‘The Kiev-Pechersky Paterikon’. The collection of  hagiographies and spiritual instructions of the ascetic monks of definite territory is called ‘Paterikon’ since earliest times.

The Map of the Far Caves
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Карта Дальних пещер ЛаврыIn the Far Caves, opposite to the entrance to the Nativity of Christ Church, there is a deep cinerarium, where in iron and glass vessel Chrism-running Heads of the saints are reserved.
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